Every kiss begins with the complete lack of customer service

This just keeps getting better.  Go back and read my last post if you haven’t been following the story.

Here’s the latest email string:

Dear Frank …,

Thank you for your reply.

I apologize that the store did not do the inspection on the Topaz ring.  Even though it is not covered under the Lifetime Diamond guarantee we still prefer to offer inspections for preventative measures.  We only have two warranties, the Diamond guarantee I mentioned on the last email and the Extended Service Plan (ESP).  The ESP covers the metal of the item such as bands, prongs, and chains.  If the Topaz ring had the ESP then it would cover repair issues to the metal but not the stone itself.  After the replacement was done on her ring, there would still have not been a warranty to offer for coverage.

The bracelet is currently being worked on at shop 8399.  If you have another issue within the next few months we can look at a possible exchange under your ESP that is on the bracelet.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know how we can help you.  For immediate assistance, please contact us by phone at 1-800-…


Cynthia S.

What the FUCK?!  I get protecting your company, but this is a complete pass-the-buck scenario!  I see the in-store customer service carries over into the corporate office as well!  Of course I wouldn’t post that first one without a witty reply:

I don’t want to be difficult, but at this point, “If you have another issue within the next few months” is not acceptable.  We have had the bracelet in 4 times now for the same repair. I expect a full refund for the bracelet, I can provide the original receipt if necessary.  The total was $…  I am NOT negotiable on this.  It’s just plain, basic customer service.

The Topaz ring and the diamond ring with the missing diamond (photo attached), the store associate telling us that “the warranty was returned”, and then keeping the only paperwork we had since it was “no good for that ring”.  I can assure you that we never “returned” anything, the diamond ring was a gift from my grandmother.  The topaz ring, as I mentioned earlier, was a gift from her father.  They’re probably $100 each, and I imagine the warranty would be worth what, maybe $20?  I decided to include these stories in my original email because this is about customer service and standing behind the product you sell.  I expect a reinstatement of the warranty on the diamond ring, and the repair work to be covered.  I am not negotiable on this either.

I think I’ve gone way above and beyond here just turning the other cheek on the topaz ring, looking past the misrepresentation of the Kay warranty by the local store, the completely failed local customer service after the fact, and having to take this up with the corporate office on my own time.

I can’t help but feel like anything I buy with Kay, regardless of cost, will be completely ignored from a customer service standpoint if I lose the receipt, spill coffee on the warranty card or just forget to bring my papers with me.  This is unacceptable for a customer who has purchased a single item, and certainly more so for someone like me who has many purchases spanning over multiple years.

Do your company a favor and forward this email to your management.  Don’t respond to me with another “we’ll see, if it breaks again”.  And don’t lose a loyal customer over a few hundred dollars.

– Frank


The customer continues to be wrong

customer serviceAvid readers of my blog will recognize this post as another in the long line of “customer service failure” complaints that I have posted.

This time, the lucky winner is Kay Jewelers.  Perhaps I’m just a needy customer, but I don’t think so.  Here’s the customer service email I just sent them:

Items I have purchased from Kay’s over the past 3 years: Two pair of heart diamond earrings, one diamond heart necklace, white gold diamond ring, one diamond/sapphire necklace, a white and black diamond necklace, and finally one diamond bracelet (described in the last paragraph below).
The white gold diamond ring has lost a stone. When we had this evaluated, the store clerk advised us that “someone returned the warrantee on it”, and that they could do nothing for us. I don’t even know what this means.

A topaz stone white gold ring was purchased by her father. The stone fell out between inspections, and when she took it in to have it replaced, we were told that “they can’t find the paperwork in the system under her name, her father’s name, or her mother’s name”. My girlfriend paid for the replacement of the stone OUT OF POCKET, and to this day (even that you have replaced the stone) it is still uncovered by any warrantee. She no longer wears the ring because the stone is AGAIN loose, and she isn’t willing to pay for another replacement.

I purchased a silver diamond bracelet for my girlfriend a few Christmas’ ago. Since that time, she has diligently brought the bracelet (and many other Kay’s pieces I’ve bought over the years) into our local store every 6 months as required for inspection and cleaning. This particular bracelet has been an issue since I bought it. First: One of the rods that connect the links of the bracelet together slid out causing the bracelet to break into two pieces. The local store (in Orlando) sent it in for repair. 3 days after we received the bracelet back, she noticed a loose stone so we sent it back again. Another visit to Kay’s to have it inspected resulted in yet another trip to the repair shop for the rod, this time here in Fort Myers. We received the bracelet back last night, and while we were at dinner we noticed not only a missing stone, but yet ANOTHER rod had backed out. Literally 3 hours after we picked it up! At this point I just want a refund, but the store told me my only option was to send it in to be repaired (again), which is where the bracelet is now. I am sincerely disappointed in the Kay’s quality, and even more so with your company’s refusal to stand behind their products.

I would normally, at this point, voice my disappointment over the way we’ve been treated for the past few years, but I’ve typed it five or six times now and there is just no way I can illustrate my unhappiness.

So? You tell me, am I being unreasonable?  One would expect that these kind of customer service failures would cease to befall one angry blogger, no?  Statistically speaking it is incredibly unlikely that these encounters persist, yet here we are…  Here we are again.