A shark named Montel

If you watch Comedy Central (@ComedyCentral) and other cable channels during prime time, you’ve no doubt seen the loan sharking commercials in which former-fallen-from-spotlight Montel Williams (@Montel_Williams) endorses a pay-day-advance company called Money Mutual.

A quick Google search finds literally hundreds of people burned by this company, it’s high interest rates, and shady business practices.  Even people he’s known professionally are speaking out against the company and other forms of predatory lending.

This is just straight out horse shit:

Celebrated talk show host and Daytime Emmy Award winner Montel Williams associates himself only with products that help people live better physically, spiritually, financially and emotionally. He understands that people will find themselves with difficult to pay expenses due to lack of funds or credit and agrees that a cash advance can provide the needed quick assistance and help avoid more costly fees.

Running this ad ever seems morally corrupt, but at a time in this country when the general populous is most vulnerable to this kind of corporate thievery is far worse.  Right in the middle of record unemployment?  Right smack in the center of the largest recession in American history?  FUCKING REALLY?  Comedy Central and other cable affiliates who run these ads should be ashamed of themselves.

Money Mutual is a predatory lending facility who’s business model is financially burning people, and collecting on it.

And Montel Williams is a real piece of work for encouraging people to do business with them.  I hope this goes viral and the internet serves you a dish of hate you so smugly deserve.

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