Stormtrooper Everywhere

The first Stormtrooper post on Facebook

In October of 2010, I traveled to Boston for a web programming event. Knowing it would be chilly in Massachusetts I brought along my leather jacket, folded over my arm, through the Orlando, Atlanta and Boston airports, two flights, and finally in the back seat of my rental car to the hotel. As the sun began to set, and the temperature dropped, I put on my jacket for the first time in the 1,300 mile trip. When I reached into the front pockets, I found a tiny stormtrooper figure.

Convinced that one of my friends had placed the figurine in my pocket, I took a photo of him standing on the window sill and posted it to Facebook demanding the responsible party speak up. The responses were unanimous, and unexpected: Everyone claimed ignorance of my tag along guest's origination, and to this day, no one has fessed up.

So, the #StormtrooperEverywhere project was born. Over the past 7 years, the original figure has been temporarily substituted (when I forgot him at home), and most recently replaced with a fully poseable version. He's traveled to major cities, small towns, motorcycle destinations, and breweries both domestically and internationally.

On Thanksgiving of 2016, my wife brought home a 48 inch (4 foot) stormtrooper for my man room at the house. Although he's far too large to come with me to beer events (without his own ticket), stay tuned for BeerExchange and local house pics.

Where's he been?

And hundreds of cities without breweries all over the world (but why even mention them?)

Join me now, on a photo journey of the Stormtrooper's travels!

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