Chapter 1: Where to Go

The long-awaited (yeah, right LOL) chapter 1 of my article “Tricks of the Trade”.  See the first post here See the whole category here.  There are 4 more chapters, one each week, so get your learn on and check back next Sunday!

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Chapter 1: Location

Choosing where to do your “opposite sex shopping” isn’t quite as key as these establishments would like you to believe. I’ve met women in bars, nightclubs, supermarkets, and colleges everywhere. Here are a few pointers however, that will prove to be better than most.

The local bar:

Everyone has a local bar in their area. I have one specific place I like to hang out. These places should be synonymous with “having a good time” and “relaxing atmosphere”. There should be music, but not rock-concert-blow-you-out-of-your-seat-loud music. If you’re yelling at the person sitting next to you to communicate, find another bar. Try to pick a place with dart boards, pool tables, and a friendly staff. All of these items together add up to a great place to hang out, and have fun.

The trendy restaurant

Trendy Bar

Don’t confuse “trendy” with “expensive”. An eight-dollar martini does not a trendy restaurant make. The key points to this type of place are the crowd, and the atmosphere. Try to find the restaurant where the locals hang out, a nice round or oval bar conducive to large crowds is also important. Applebee’s and Chili’s restaurants usually DO NOT fit this description. Look for something a little more personal, a little less corporate. A restaurant with a nice sized FULL bar is usually best.

The ‘cool’ bookstore

Although the “Borders”/”Starbucks” type of establishments are usually a little more hip/trendy than I like to be, these are still pretty good places to meet women if you have the right “in”. We’ll talk about the “in” later. The ‘cool’ bookstore should be big enough to have a nice selection, but small enough to be intimate. Stay away from the colossal “Barnes and Noble” type outlets.

The laid-back nightclub

small clubThe nightclub approach to meeting women is a tricky, windy, and dangerous road. The fact that your conversation with a potential target is skewed by pounding music and sweaty dancers usually ends in disappointment. However, the right place, with the right music can really set the stage for a great meeting. Try to find a place with the music turned down a notch. Not too trendy and upscale, but not a dive either. These types of places usually have large, modern looking furniture, post-modern impressionistic art, and cool lighting. A well-cared-for fish tank is a good sign as well.