Do anything “great” today?

Just for a moment today while driving home from work, I caught myself thinking about Thoreau, Da Vinci, Frued, Whitman, Einstein… It seems incredible that such amazing things came from just one person. In over 30 years on this planet I haven’t accomplished anything even remotely close to what those people did.

My grandfather built a house. This doesn’t sound like an amazing accomplishment, but he’s gone, and that house is still there. I often think about that house. A young family could have purchased it, and 20 years from now some guy will remember that house as the home he grew up in. All of his memories will be of that house, and he’ll take his children there to visit their grandparents. Building a house isn’t nearly the Earth-altering accomplishment as “The Theory of Relativity”, but I haven’t built one. I haven’t even constructed a shed.

Not to say that I haven’t accomplished some pretty amazing things, I have had a hand in some of the largest web applications on the internet. That’s pretty cool… But it’s not someone’s home. It won’t facilitate the next generations memories.

I try to think about this every morning before heading off to wherever it is that I’m going that day. I don’t know if it’s changed my life at all, but it certainly puts things in perspective.