I need professional help

I need help. Serious professional help…

In the mid 1990’s I bought my first modding nightmare.  A 1985 Mustang that broke so often, you could set your watch by it.  I replaced every part in the car, and it was still only worth $800 when I traded it in on my truck.

My 1992 Isuzu pickup truck was a cool little truck, which I promptly tore the inside out of and built an IASCA (International Auto Sound Competition Association) world competitor. I was one of the first standard sized pick-up trucks to be invited to the world finals.

I traded in the truck for a 2000 MR2 Spyder, and decided to get into AutoCross racing. I added things like a Saner sway bar, Cusco strut tower braces, full CUSTOM exhaust, and other stuff. After some pretty serious racing (and WAY more money that I am even willing to discuss), I took the car into the show scene where it won numerous awards including 1st place at Battle of the Imports here in Orlando. That cost me a full SARD body kit, Gram Lights racing wheels, Corbeau racing seats, a Playstation2 and other goodies. But the car was getting old, and I was ready, once again, for something new.

I traded the MR2 in on a 2004 350Z Enthusiast, I mean what the hell, let’s get into some drifting now! I added an intake, front strut tower brace, some carbon fiber bolt-ons, and a body kit.

Luckily, before putting TOO MUCH money into the Z, I wanted to get back into riding. So, I picked up a 2006 Kawasaki 650R to ‘ease’ my way back into riding. But that was another money-pit. Mods included Woodcraft clip-ons, Scorpion exhaust, Zero Gravity windsheild, and others.

And now, finally… I’ve picked up an 08 Triumph Daytona 675. I’ve had it less than 3 weeks and I’ve already managed to purchase and install: Naarden lowering link, flush front and rear blinkers, new grips, spools, and some other random bolt-ons.

I need help soon. Very, very soon. My garage is completely out of room for old, stock parts.