“Save the Internet”

A recent letter from one of my many followers.

Dear Greatest Blogger in the universe:

I keep hearing about “net neutrality” and I was wondering what you thought of it?

(no, this isn’t an actual letter I’ve received LOL)

Net neutrality” is the belief that no internet service provider should have the right (or exercise the right) to ‘throttle’ or control your internet access.  Basically, if the providers are given the freedom to limit your access, they can create a perceived scarcity of access, and profit from it.

You are probably now screaming “son of a bitch!“, so in true blog form, let me anger you further:

74 House Democrats and 37 Senate Republicans just signed their names to industry letters telling the FCC to halt efforts to protect Internet users and prevent phone and cable companies from blocking Internet traffic.

Yeah, check that shit out.

If you live in Florida, you should ask Rep. Corrine Brown where she got $20,500. you should ask Rep. Alcee Hastings about the $28,000 and you should ask Rep. Suzanne Kosmas about her $25,000 influx of cash.

Ready for the big spoiler?!  Your elected officials are fucking you over.  I know, it blew my mind too…

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