“Fast” is a word I used to be comfortable with

Those of you who read my blog (I know right!? There’s actually a LOT of you out there!) know that I am an avid motorcyclist. This past weekend’s trip to the mountains of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee taught me (yet again) that I draw a very fat line between my riding and truly “fast” riding.

Now, in the defense of my ability (limited as it is), I was riding on worn-out tires that had no business on mountain roads. I really should have swapped them out before heading north. One ‘sideways’ incident on the first day we rode on wet roads, and I scrubbed off 20% on every turn afterward.

Anyway, even with my tires being out of ideal condition, you can really get a feel for the difference between my riding and “the guys out front”. First, check out my video (remember, all of my video clips are sped up 125% – 150%):

Now, watch this one. This is one of the leaders on our last ride (this video is NOT sped up at all):

Yeah, I’ll stick to the back of the group. LOL

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