It’s official, cars are out.

It’s been official for quite a while, but I think it’s time we admit it. The car show scene is dead.Cars are out

Competition teams like JadeCrew, TeamECI, TeamSolo, and sadly, even CompactEvolution have let their websites float into the abyss of un-updated, un-visited, and completely outdated…

Was it so long ago that rare, imported parts from Japan were all the rage? Was it so long ago that a $12 trophy meant a year’s worth of bragging rights?

Yup. It was. I’m tired of standing in the hot sun for 8 hours while some judge who already has his buddy’s car in mind looks over my car (that I’ve spent tens-of-thousands in) with a glazed stare. And I think the rest of the competitors from my day are as well.

I think this forum post on TeamECI’s website says it best.

“A lot of people just got out of the scene and moved on to more important things. The show scene sucks anyways, and is too political…showing a car is almost a job.”

With the passing of every great past time, we get the onset of another. And, if I have any say, that should be motorcycles. 😉

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