The “pussification” of America

I was born in a small but popular town just inside of Buffalo New York in the mid 70’s. I never wore braces because the rumor back then was that they did more harm than good. The kids in my neighborhood and I played stickball in the street, were exposed to lead-based paints, and played with toys that were banned 20 years ago by the paranoid and alertist masses. We ate paste, colored with toxic crayons, and played with toy guns and swords.

We ate preservative-packed foods, and rode in cars that didn’t even have seatbelts, car seats, or airbags.

Fast forward 25 years, and you’ll find me… Well… Just fine. In fact, I don’t have a single friend who was ever seriously injured or killed by any of the ‘dangerous’ activities mentioned above.

I wouldn’t say that I lead a “perfectly normal life”. Actually, my life is pretty amazing. I’m a well-educated, well-adjusted, professional and a home owner to boot. I’m going to go out on a limb here, and state that none of those crazy things I did as a child hindered, or slowed me in any way.

I was bored with school as a child, being smarter than most of my teachers, but you can bet that I was never “diagnosed” with any of these ridiculous “conditions” that the media would have you believe are anything but kids being kids. No one ever labeled any of us “Attention Deficit Disorder” or “Hyper Activity Disorder” or any other disorder for that matter.

Maybe someone can explain to me how it is possible, that our foods are better and nutrition is well-understood, and we are facing an epidemic of “morbid-obesity” here in the US.

Maybe someone can explain to me how it is possible that our medicine is more advanced but we have more recorded cases of asthma, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and depression than ever before in this country.

So, I’m listening to the radio the other day, and this commercial comes on.

“Do you have feelings of depression? Are you tired? Do you get headaches? Then you may be a candidate for a new medical treatment for anxiety disorder.”

What a bunch of bullshit. If you have feelings of depression, are tired and get headaches, maybe you just hate your job, or your marriage, or yourself. Maybe you need to get more sleep. Either way, it’s time to face the problem. Medication to hide your feelings isn’t going to fix you. I promise you that.

Anti-social behavior, depression, adult attention deficit disorder, I think it’s time we stop making up names, and start dealing with facts.

What the FUCK is a “dangerous toy”? Are you kidding me? We played with little sharp GI Joe’s with the ‘kung foo grip’ that could poke out an eye or cut your lip (if you were stupid enough to try and eat it), and easy-bake ovens that could burn down your house! But I never poked out an eye. I never burned down a house…

If the media had its way, they’d ban walking so your kids won’t fall down and scrape their little knees.

Cutting your lip while trying to eat a toy, burning your fingers on your hot toy cooking set, smashing your thumb while playing with your toy building set… This is how you LEARN. Stop “protecting” your kids and let them learn something for themselves. Like we did when we were kids. Remember that?

And, for Christ’s sake… Stop feeding your kids fast food, fatty. You’re KILLING them. When was the last time you saw your genitalia?

[Reposted thanks to a server crash, original post date: 11/2007]

7 thoughts on “The “pussification” of America

  1. People are too pussified to take responsibility for their own actions so they would rather point fingers.

  2. >>easy-bake ovens that could burn down your house! But I never poked out an eye. I never burned down a houseā€¦

    I didn’t know you had an easy bake oven when you were growing up. No wonder you’re so well adjusted. -C

  3. >>medicine is more advanced… and depression than ever before in this country.

    I have a comment on this too… all comment-y today. My sis in law is on antidepressants – she says her dr. says she doesn’t have one female patient over 40 not on them. So what up with that?
    A) Why are the dr.s handing it out like candy?
    B) Is this the opposite side of the spectrum from your “man” post?
    Ahh. I think I just got the whole Zombie thing.

  4. WERD!
    We are now in a paranoid society over Cover-our-asses and no personal responsibility. Always someone else’s fault, so let’s SUE THEM! Our food is GARBAGE and the drug companies give doctors too many incentives to push their drugs. MASKING the facts and the root of every problem increases the income for the drug pushers. OH and I loved my EZ Bake Oven, bought my kids one also when they were younger and we could still get them. And all those new “diseases n disorders”-giving names to things finally to shut up all the WHINERS in the world and then make a drug to profit as well. Its a MAD MAD WORLD!

  5. I was doing a search for “pussification of men in American” and came across your post. I was hoping for a book to help me explain why we have a country full of weak men being emasculated on every commercial in the world. Your blog will suffice for now, thanks.

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